Tristan Mac: First Time Done ;)

Hey everyone! Just finished the first show, and let me say - I LOVED IT! You were all great and made me feel so amazing. I can't wait to see you again. Be sure to write a review if you liked me, and message me suggestions for next time!

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Rob Ryder: My Birthday Month

Hey guys! With my 27th birthday less than three weeks away (Aug 19th) I have had a lot of people ask me what I want for my birthday. Aside from the things on my wishlist, what I really want is to win this 4-day Caribbean Getaway coming up this November. How can you help make that happen? Sending me tips and taking me in private shows is the best way! The top 5 models with the most credits from August 5th-31st will each win money for airfare and a room for four days at an awesome beach resort in the Caribbean with a bunch of the other top models. I've gone to this event twice over the last two years and every year I've had to pay my own way. This year I want that to change. I will be on every day this month to increase my chances of winning. It's going to be a lot of work, but if we can get enough people involved, I really think we have a chance at winning this thing. In an attempt to get more tip participation this month, I will be holding a month long biggest tippers contest. Top 5 Biggest Tippers this month will each win free private shows with me as well as a special surprise from me. The special surprise will be customized to match each individual winners tastes and likes. Obviously the highest tipper of the month will win the best prizes, but the other top four will definitely not be going home empty handed ;) I will keep an ongoing list updated every day or so of the current top 10 list on my bio to give everyone an idea where they stand in the rankings.I want to make this month as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone in my room. I highly doubt I can afford to go on this trip if I don't win, so let's have some fun this month and prove to everyone who your favorite model is ;)

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Aaron Miles: Back Online!

Hey guys! its been a busy few weeks and i'm finally getting back online! Had an amazing holiday in Malaga, the gay scene was incredible! LEts just say i had a lot of fun out there ;) I hope you guys have missed me because iv'e certainly missed chatting with you guys! Catch me online tomorrow 3rd August, i look forward to chatting with you guys !lots of love!

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Sensitivity Max: Some of My Dreams,show

. I would like to have sex in England on the bridge and that would be below the bottom flowed the Thames, and I looked at her . When I go to the store with a wad of money, I buy myself a lot of exotic fruits , and after flying on a plane to Egypt and there's some young man and after he shows me the city .

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Christopher Daniels Bareback Premiere

Christopher Daniels chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio for his bareback premiere without any hesitation! Don't worry: a worthy roster of hot men is assembled to push Christopher to his ass-fucking limits, including Sebastian Young, Marcus Isaacs, and Nick Gavin. And because he has an insatiable appetite for pounding the hell out of hot men, Sebastian Young returns to show Addison Graham a thing or two about being a submissive bottom for a power top!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Christopher Daniels chose Lucas Entertainment as the studio for his bareback premiere without any hesitation! Don't worry: a worthy roster of hot men is assembled to push Christopher to his ass-fucking limits!

Stars: Nick Gavin Addison Graham Marcus Isaacs Christopher Daniels Sebastian Young

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Boy David: My First Threesome

that day my parents and everyone who lived in my house went out to the holiday shopping leaving us alone at home my older brother, and the rest of my older and younger cousins.My cousin who never missed an opportunity to fuck me every time out that day was no exception.Locked in his room, he tells me we left home to better play to our neighbor, a boy of the same age 16 years. I innocently accepted. We got home, we received, they started talking and I got into his room to watch TV. One by one they entered the room, and stared at me in a rather strange way, without words my cousin lay down beside me and started kissing me while his friend started to remove the pants.It took me by surprise all that, but I loved it, my penis was already at the height of erection and kisses my cousin drove me crazy. the friend of my cousin began to suck me the cock (penis, cock, cock) felt very rich, my nine years I never had done ... I feel his tongue licking my guevito, his lips kissing my ball and his hands pajeandome They were all the rage.My cousin's clothes and left the air bag that guevOte who deflowered her and me (who tear tore my ass almost daily) beckoning I indicated that I suck. Putting me on my ass 4 and leaving in the hands of a friend of my cousin started to suck that delicacy. As already he had experience in sucking the cock of my cousin did it very easily. I got all his trunk into his mouth, he grabbed my head and tried to stick it deeper and deeper. While enjoying sucking the friend of my cousin I was still mamandome my guevito, as I licked my ass and metia his fingers there.My cousin made me subject and me kneeling on the floor and started to mamarselos both. It was rich enough to enjoy those big thick cocks. when sucked one pajeaba to the other and sometimes He put his two mouths.I felt good bitch, well fucking well puton was enjoying to the fullest ... and still I was missing a lot.My cousin was the first to penetrate this time, I lay face up on the bed. I was gradually introducing his penis inside me, I felt like he opened my dimple head and the rest of the trunk of his penis he settled in me and so I began to ride him ... quick, quick, quick slow circles .. . did not want that moment to never end ... My cousin took over for me, with my hands to sosterner the cock of his friend and blow him comfortable.The friend of my cousin felt that it was their turn to fuck me and so I did. I get up and taking me in his arms lifted me up and put me his cock. I do not cost you much work as my ass was dilated and wide open. embestirme began to savagely. the truth, the more he enjoyed fucking friend of my cousin with my cousin. The taste of a new other than his own cock had me crazy. the way I cojia was outstanding. I filled me with pleasure. I stuffed it down. quickly, wildly, hard .. Uff was enjoying a lot. Yab my cousin who had been tired of seeing, I go back to the action.I put his cock in my mouth and I, I began again to mamarselooo, I felt that was to end when his breathing began to stir the treatment of out of my mouth before ending but I do not leave, I wanted to prove that milk and not me He was going to be disappointed. While just hold it in my mouth .. I filled my mouth with his milk, the liquid rich elcual devour in seconds ...The friend of my cousin was still embistiendome .... and I was still enjoying his movements were becoming faster and more hard q indicating I was about to cum too and so did my ass filling your milk ... I stayed one time there and then went.It would take five minutes when I began to get dressed because I thought it was over .. on that, the friend of my cousin grabs me and ....Still another story. Only if they like me and ask me to continue the story I will. I'm not very good at telling my sexual experiences ... !!

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Daniel Claire: What I Do in My Spare Time…

When I was a little boy I used to have a lot of spare time. I rode bicicles with friends, we went camping and did a lot of things. I can clearly remember how good it felt to be a little boy. But now I am a growing man and I don't have a lot of spare time, I always work and study hard. But when I have some free spaces on my schedule, I do a lot of fun and interesting things. First of all, I read some adventure books and some novels. I love contemporary literature, reading love stories is a good way to spend the time. When I get bored with that, I start to paint and I truly love that, because with colours you can express and share your most deep and sincere feelings, if you are sad, you paint something in blue, if you are happy, you paint with warm colours... painting is a therapy when you cant show your true feelings. You also can improve your creativity. When the atmosphere is calm, I start to write some short poems. I know I am too romantic, but that has the power to calm me down and to keep me relaxed. The other part of my spare time I excercise myself, I hang out with friends and I spend a little time with my family visiting different landscapes.

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Oliver Newton: Favorite Movie Leads to Goals.

So as a Couple of you guys have already Learned my Favorite Movie is Zoolander. Not only because it's Funny, but because it also has a message. Quote "I think there might be more to life then being really really really really good looking." I enjoy being a Model. I love it actually, taking my clothes off or not everyone starts somewhere to achieve a goal for their own personal lives. So If I have to take clothes off, in order to put them back on to walk a runway one day, so be it. I am not ashamed, Because I am Comfortable in my Skin. Do I enjoy it, Yes because there is so much more to it then just a Sexual Aspect Even though that draws people in, I like to get to know each one of you individually, I like your kinks your weird turn ons because it's different. it's fun. The Moral of this Post is whether you're watching me, another model, or something else, We all have a goal In life and it takes each other to help Achieve that. You can try and do everything alone in life, but one day you're going to hit a bump and need a helping hand. -Kisses Huggs ~Oliver N.

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Andre Traversi: Relationships

Greetings friends.During open chat today, I was asked if I had a boyfriend or partner. The answer is no. I haven't had either in a number of years. I have had two long term relationships in my life. One in my early 20's that was for 5.5 years. The second in my early 30's that was just a few months shy of 8 years.Each had bright shining moments of romance, laughter, accomplishment, happiness and personal growth.Each also had dark, tumultuous, heartbreaking moments that ultimately overruled the good, eventually leading to the demise of them.I don't have any regrets about them. I don't feel like I wasted my time or lost anything. If anything, I feel like I made a great investment where I gained a wealth of personal growth and knowledge.I love each of these men tremendously. I am very grateful for the time that we shared together. I am happy to say that today, while not always the case, I am friends with both of them.I don't know if there is another long term relationship in my future. I'm open to it, but also very protective of the serene, peaceful sanctuary that I have emotionally and physically created for myself. Ihave finally become comfortable in my own skin. Secure in my beliefs, desires, fantasies and needs.

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Batterie Bob: So Far What I Think About Caming !!

well i just wanted to say thanks for takeing the time to read my profile sometimes its a better way to get to know me as for i am a very open guy.but i started caming about 4 weeks ago with my wife and it came up one night that maybe i should run my own cam as for we had alot of people that liked some crazy stuff and with me being open as much as i am i dont mind doing alot of things people request. i have always played with my ass and shove things into it that dont belong but god it feels so good to rip it wide as i can open lol.. i am new to showing people my crazy side as for i fell it could scare them lol i need some toys for myself befor i can put on the kind of shows i realy like doing i wish i had a pump up toy something i can blow up really big in my ass ... im not greedy but i do come here for my money and well my rent ant cheap and i take care of a prego lday lol so food any cheap eather so tip up guys and ladys as for i need your help and you need mine

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