Cameron Jakob: Cut or Uncut

Those of you who have seen me naked or read my bio know that I myself am uncut. When I was younger I really didn't like that fact, but as I have gotten a little older I have definitely grown an appreciation for being uncut. When you're looking at other guys and your dick is the only one that is different, I think there is naturally going to be a level of embarrassment or confusion there. I was never really a conversation I had had with anyone when I was growing up so I didn't quite understand it. I did get picked on a little bit for it, but a lot of the anxiety of being uncut or different went away as I met more guys who were uncut when I was in college. Now I wouldn't trade it to be cut at all. Answering which I would prefer to be with is still a struggle though. I think I ultimately I would prefer to be with uncut just because its sexiness and appeal has grown on me. Being able to play with the foreskin and jerk my partner off without lube is pretty great. Also, just knowing that the orgasm is likely more sensitive and powerful makes it hotter for me. However, cut dicks have a sexy quality to them too. I guess they just look a little more refined and I love licking head so it is always easier access with cut hehe. In truth, I don't care all that much if my partner is cut or uncut, dick can be hot either way. In some ways I would prefer to bottom for a cut dick and top a guy who is uncut. Ask me about that if you are curious why hehe.

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Jason Brown: Tonight's Chat

Tonight i will be online and I'm looking to have a little bit more fun. I'm want to be able to log on and see that people really want me to be on. lets have fun and get wet tonight guys..... much loveeeeeeeeeee Muahhhhhhhhh

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Maddox Moon: Getting to Know Everyone

Hey everyone. Names Maddox Moon if you haven't seen me yet or heard of me yet. I'm 20 years old from the state of Pennsylvania. I love having a good time on here with guys my age or older. Guys my age i get along but i also love playing around with older men(: I go on a lot after my other job around 1130pm. I also sign on around 11am or noon the next day. I love chatting it up with everyone and anyone. I love hip hop happy music so you will catch me singing. I love pvt sessions or group parties because i love showing off and i also love being told what to do. So stop by and find my chat room and ask me to do something or join me somewhere more pvt. Spread my name around, Favorite me and make sure you watch me for a little. I can guarantee you wont be upset with the outcome of what i offer my fans. I love all you guys and im just starting to gain my fan base and would love to see more of you. So love to see you guys soon and have a good week fans!

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Julius Marco: At Shopping.

Hello guys. Today i had a beautiful day.I was at shopping to buy some clothes because tomorrow i need to go at the b-day of one friend. Well that's my problem.But at shopping something very nice happen.I was in one magazine to look for one leather jacket. And finally i found one , that take me 2 hours to look in a many magazines.All good , i do at the cabine to see how i look with that jacket i look good , like allways hehe.I go with the jacket to pay for it. There a beautiful guy who was there to recive the money. Him look into my eyes very very sweet , i dont know how can explain that feeling. But i feel like him gived me his love when watch on my eyes. Whatever.. I pay him for the jacket , him give the jacket. And him tell me as i need wait one second to go at change the paper for the tickets because that was not good.Whatever.. in 2 minutes him come back with new paper for ticket. him gived me two tickets for only one jacket , that was freaky is the first time when i see it. But what a beautiful gift , on one paper was his number in who write "call me boy , i wanna have fun with u". So , who is the boy who write me that on the ticket ? Are here ? Maybe are u boy , i wait for you. My beautiful boy.

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Petter Jensen: Waiting to Come Online:)

Hey guys, it`s been a long hard day and i can`t wait to go online and relax and have fun with you!Thanks to everyone for entering my room and wanting to know more then what i loo like nude*(that is actually not a bad thing but i have so many other things to offer). Can`t wait to see you all in my room later this evening and hope u`ll be there in a large number as you were every other night!Kisses all from Petter:*

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Rod Adrian: My Work out Schedule for 2015 – by Rod

Hey guys, I have been working out like a gym rat.This includes being healthy!Arm curls 70 pound barbell and up to 80 lbs.I want to look great for my men!My progress is going great. Let me know what you think?

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Austin Latin: My Second Week Here :) and How This Job is Helping Me in My \\

I love broadcasting and doing everything that i am told to do. I am a total bottom and like big cocks, very submissive and very masculine also. I have always recorded myself while getting fucked and bred it just turns me on so i decided to try this site that a friend recommended and also because my partner seems not to care about this hot ass anymore lol we have been an open couple partially cuz we never played alone but i am almost to the point of "cheating" bcuz he will not fuck me or let me bring other tops which puts me in a hard situation as a man so lets see how much more i last :/ its sad but at the same time we have to love ourselves first before loving someone else and thats what'm doing now....lets see what happens in the following far the whole experience here has been enjoyable sexually and also emotionally at the same time..... :) lets remember to never let anyone step over us bcuz we are all beautiful and deserve love and anything we dream of ;) cheers

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Nate Stud: Pop Star Dream

My song would be mysterious and sweeping, ethereal and haunting. Listening once would never be enough because you would be drawn into the story; I would weave you in with my words.I would have an entire set up crew...clean up crew, image crew, manager...Maybe I could just get up on stage and tell my story?Cause really, that is what I do.I tell stories for living. I weave schema. I put myself on the line. All of me, I go for it.I get pumped up. I rehearse daily. Perform daily. Write new material daily.

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Anthony Chris: Today is Friday Haha

Hello friends I hope you are well I tell them that this day train legs in the gym's I have a little numb by qye train very hard, also tell them that day in my town is a little rainy and doing cold and today it's Friday and hope you enjoy this weekend visitemen haganb long for me company as I'll be a little lonely I send kisses

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Mark Arrington: My First Guy

A lot of you have asked me about my first time with a man. Here it is:I was looking for girls on Tinder. I swiped right on a girl who wasn't really super attractive, but enough to have a hook up come out of it. It turns out she matched with me too! This is great I'll see what I can get. As we're talking she starts to ask if I'm particularly adventurous. I would like to say I am, in bed at least. That was great news! This girl will be crazy in the sack. I asked her what she had in mind. As it turns out she was seeing if I was interested in a glory hole. By damned it I wasn't. We set up a time for me to visit this hole, but I still didn't know where it was. She told me the address, but not where to go after. So I walk a few blocks over to the building and it's an apartment complex. I step into the one indicated and ask her what to do next. She texts me back "Just walk into 6D". I go up to 6D and let myself in. There's a curtain in front of me with a hole right about crotch height. I'm looking around the room when a deep mans voice comes from behind the curtain, "We doin this or not?". Well, what was I supposed to do? I got out my dick and stuck it hard as a rock into the curtain. I felt a rough hand grasp it as I was pulled in by my dick. Then I felt his mouth wrap around the head of my member and he started sucking. He sucked harder, sloppier and faster than any woman I've ever seen. He was porn star material. My legs start twitching as he keeps slurping and eventually I give in. I can't take it and I yell "HERE I CUM". I shoot a long and sticky load into I have no idea where and I take a step back. The voice behind the curtain says "Thanks" as I pull up my pants. I walk out the door and a few seconds later get a text from the "girl". "Was it worth it?". I think so.

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