Ricky Paredes: Dream Vacation Where Would You Go?

If anyone of you wanted to go on a dream vacation where would you go? Id love to explore the California area! Cities like LA San Fran and long beach!! Id love to go its my dream to go on a cruise as well!!

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Jayson Rockwell: Flirt Phone

Hey guys,I'm online and on the phone now. Willing and eager to take your calls. You can reach my personal extension on the flirt phone: 896-311Hope to hear from you soon and have a happy Super Bowl Weekend! ;)- Jayson

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Leandro Pereira: Show Tonight and Scheduling

Hi guys! I wanted to apologize personally. I won't be on tonight. I'm down with a fever. I will try to schedule an additional show at the same time fram to make up for it.Also, I have come up with a more regular schedule so you will always know what times I'm on. But don't forget you can always say hi to me on Twitter!

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Luke Zane: What I Look for in Someone

The person has to be just as beautiful on the inside as the out. She has to love being worshipped and treated like a goddess. Ohh one more thing a healthy appetite lol I hate when I take someone out to eat and all they order is a salad ....😐

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April Vonlynn: Cumming Soon!!

Sorry everybody,I've had a run of bad luck, but not the thief that stole my laptop or the "friend" that sold me this jacked up one can stop me much longer... I will air a show 4sho on the 4th.. Looking forward to playing with you all

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Slayde Wesley: Get Laid by Slayde

Pleasure. Love it. How about you? Need some now? I am the one you are looking for. I give pleasure. I love to please. What do you like? I love to please. My reason for asking. Do you like it dirty? Or perhaps behind someone's back. Oh my I am getting turned on. Let me be that dream.

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Justin Macwood: Monday Monday Monday

How are you my friends? It's Feb 1st... And you know what is right around the corner on the 14th!!!! My question is for you... What is your ideal guy or girl and what would be the perfect date??? Let me know

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Zeus: First Toys Bought Off My Wishlist

I just got a posable 7 inch realistic dildo and some cock rings purchased for me off my wishlist. I'm so excited to get to use these and honestly have no clue who got them for me. Whomever it was I hope you catch me for a show when I get them! Been super busy today with household chores and my full time job, but finally ready to hop on line and broadcast some.

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Dean Morris: The Day I Fucked in a Shopping Mall

Dear Friends and Readers,yesterday i was in a shopping mall, while i was shopping i met this really nice redhaired guy in a cafe. He smiles to me and i asked him, to sit next to him. I sit down and we drank a coffee and talk. Really sweet, nice smile, shiny eyes in a colour like leaves in the spring. After an hour he sad he have to go, I asked him to come with him. He agreed. While we walked he touch my ass. I was little shocked but not in a scared way. It turns me on. He smiled to me. We go to Kaufhof shopped a bit and then in the dressing room. I pushed him against the wall and kissed his neck while my hands grabs his ass. My dick was hard as stone. i pulled it out and he sucked it. I was so horny that i pushed my dick in his mouth and gave him a mouth fuck. His moaning with my dick in his mouth makes me so horny i pulled it out put an condom on my dick and began to fuck his little ass. We moaned so loud that the security man asks, everythings fine. Sure is everything fine, i fuck this handsome guy. I cum on his ass and licked it off. He cums while i licked my cum off his ass. After that we changed no numbers. We knew never see us again.

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Alessio Romero’s Bareback Premiere

Alessio Romeros Bareback Premiere features one of the gay porn industrys hottest muscle bears fucking raw long and hard for Lucas Entertainment! Drew Sumrok is the first to take Alessio Romeros dick bare, and afterward he works up another load for Derek Parker in a sweaty flip-fuck encounter. Also included is a no-nonsense, high-energy romp between Comrad Blu and Shane Frost and CT Hunter taking Taye Knights raw cock!

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Alessio Romero’s Bareback Premiere features one of the gay porn industry’s hottest muscle bears fucking raw long and hard for Lucas Entertainment!

Stars: Alessio Romero Drew Sumrok

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