Anthony Quadrino: My First Blowjob

I was 18 years old and I was sleeping at my friends beach house. About 2 in the morning i heard a noise outside my door, i saw my friend sleeping in the bed next to me saw i knew it wasnt him and just figured it was one of his parents checking on me as the door opened i realized it was my friends older brother, he crept in quietly and came straight towards my bed, when he got next to it he looked down and whipsered "ssshh... be quiet", then he took his cock out and put it in front of my mouth. it was sooo fuckin huge i just grabbed it with my hand and started sucking it. it was the most beautiful thing i ever experienced in my life. i just sucked it quietly and slowly while i played with his balls. about 5 minutes later he shot his entire load from that huge cock right down my throat. I never tasted anything so good in my life. then he pulled up his zipper and walked out of the room without saying a owrd. I still think about him to this day and often hope that one day i'll get another chance to suck his huge cock

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Mike Hood: Fleshlight/sexual Preferences

Ive been wanting a fleshlight really bad. I would like to get in panties and penetrate it till it drips cum all over me. Ive watched a lot of vids with fleshlights, and I think they are very hot. I like cumshot videos and squirt videos. Both guys and girls turn me on as long as theyre hot. Im a little scared to try anal with a dildo. Ive bottomed a few times and I liked so long as it wasn't too big. One time though, it was, and omg, I didn't do that again for a while. I don't know how some of these people handle all that. I like bottom at the right time, but mostly I guess I like topping. would like to try both at the same time. I really like frot videos and tribbing. Same sex pussy and dick rubbing is hot. ive tried frottting cocks and thought it was pretty appealing. dry humping girls is hot too. id like two pussys tribbing on my dick with a cock cumming on all of us, lol. but man, I would really like to try a fleshlight. it looks like it feels great. I wonder how close it feels to a pussy. anal always felt a bit different than pussy. its tighter, but squeezes like on one area, which still feels great. They both have their own pleasures. still wonder about that fleshlight though.

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Jake Oar: Introducing Opey1one, Your Only Hope!!

Greetings my fellow citizens of Earth. My name is Jake Oar..... some people call me opey1one, u can call me Susan and make me wear womens panties if it makes you happy. If redheads, big cocks, or nice bodies make you happy, well you might already be smiling. I look forward to meeting all the many people from all over the world as I'm about to embark on this journey. I'm already precumming just thinking about it. DDo you ever taste your precum? I do sometimes when I'm by myself, this is the first time I've told anyone. Don't tell my girlfriend, she would probably think that's gay. I'm not gay though, I just like to suck dicks and put them in my ass. That's just having fun. Do other people like the things i do? I can't wait to find out. till then.........

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Dmitry Hard: My Favorite Top 3 Bands

My #1 favorite band is bring me the horizon. They are just so awesome and i just wish i could be them. some times not all the time lol. #2 would have to be we came as romans there just so passionate about there music and i would just love to meet the singers they seem like really funny dudes i could get along with. # 3 issues I have had the chance to meet them before they are awesome guys and funny very funny. There music is great and the screamer is ridiculous.

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Dylan Skylar: Easing In…

Getting back into the game has been a bit more challenging than expected. It has been evident that much of the fan base that was once there, has dissipated. And, while I have ways to contact many of them and let them know where things stand with the new cam situation, it will take awhile to do so.Things come and go and are ever-changing. It can be a challenge to stay "caught up" but that really is the only option as there is no going back. Right now, racing against the clock for a number of things-- holidays, first of the month bills, rent, etc. After such a bad several months, things really MUST kick in and start into a better direction. Frustration comes and goes, the stress is very much there, but just trying to find moments to let it dissipate for awhile helps. Just wish there was MORE time right now. It's late... ready for some sleep. But, now I find myself flipping through Netflix... funny-- thats most often what I do with Netflix. For, there is too much to choose from and too little that actually grabs my attention. Too much or too little, there is always something to critique! lol Welcome to the digital age!

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Allen Wolf: Im Bacckkkkkkk

Hi guys! I moved to Los Angeles 8 months ago, got my career started out here, and now I'm back for some hot cam action ;) haha. So stoked to be back not this site, and can't wait to get started, and meet up with old friends on here. Stop by my room to say Hi! :D :D :D

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Axel Re & Randy Rivit: We Rise Above

We have known each other for a little over a month and the bond we share as performers on here and in the real world is quite deep. We always have a six sense about what the other may or may not proceed to do when we perform. The customers that have entered the chatroom have been friendly and great people to get to know. We have yet to not complete a private show where the customer leaves disappointed. The shows performed for example today, I Axel Re massaged Randy Rivit. I myself do not like to use lotion but with this specific kind I did. It does not stay oily for very long and keep my skin feeling baby smooth even my elbows and knees. He enjoyed the massage on top of the customers fulfilling a challenge to see Randy's buttocks and penis. I definitely made the reel in when I actually made gestures that resembled fondling him. By the end of today, I feel confident that my partner Randy Rivit (not my life partner) and I will rise up and take the top where we can be the guys that do mind-blowing pornographic movements that will make any customer feel they were actually right in the action. -Axel Re, "I bite, but I have papers showing no rabies."

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Chase Williams: It's Chase

Today was a good day my roommate just had a party earlier. omg was it fabulous lol. sad part was he had to much food and not enough people cause i wasn't hungry but definitely horny. My best friend also had a little gathering today. we were suppose to skating but as usual he bailed out on me lol. some friends. so excited to show up and show out online tonight cant wait for the private shows lol. Turn down for what lol. Today was a dang busy day in history. You'd think in Early December there just wouldn't be a whole lot happening but when I casually Googled just for fun, it became quite an interesting Friday indeed. It's been filled with laughter, music, rain and disaster. But I guess you could probably say that about plenty of other days in our existence.What about you? Is there anything that sets this day apart for you? Something with the Tour De France? NFL training camps? Little League playoff action? Lemme know!And I'd always 'preciate your comments here or over at Facebook or you can tweet me. either way i want to hear. :)Hope to see everyone tonight its live and fun time and money making time lol. im as silly as they come :)

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Mex Wild: Mi Primer Experiencia/my First Experience

Apenas tenia cumplidos mis 18 años, y conocí en la calle a un tipo, tenia un acento español y era mas alto que yo, delgado, pelo café, y de piel blanca.Me miró de una manera que me gustó y no paraba de verme, hasta que se fue acercando poco a poco y me sonrió,tan pronto estuvo cerca, se me subió la sangre a la cabeza y me dieron muchas ganas de probar sus labios, me saludó y me preguntó mi nombre, yo muy tímido, me dijo que le gustaba mucho y que si no quería acompañarlo a su departamento.Fuimos y el pudo notar mi nerviosismo, y yo entre que quería salir de ahí y emocionado por que aquel hombre me gustaba mucho, se acercó poco a poco y me abrazó me tomó muy tierna mente de la cabeza y me hizo verlo a los ojos diciéndome -tranquilo no va a pasar nada que tu no quieras, ¿es tu primera vez?-Yo le dije que sí y que no sabia que hacer, y así nos mantuvimos abrazados por un buen tiempo, y me gustaba su aroma, sentir su respiración y esa sensación de estar en los brazos de otro hombre me encantó....Continuará....Just had completed my 18 years , and I met on the street a guy , had a Spanish accent and was taller than me , thin, brown hair and white skin.He looked at me in a way I liked and kept me until he was approaching slowly and smiled , was now close , my head was spinning and I got really wanted to taste her lips , I he greeted and asked my name, I very shy , he told me he liked and that if he would accompany him to his apartment.We went and could feel my nervousness , and between I wanted out of there and excited about the man I loved , gradually came to me and hugged me took very tender mind of the head and made me look into his eyes saying -quiet will not pass anything that you do not want , is it your first time? -I said yes and did not know what to do, and so we kept cuddled for a while , and I liked its aroma, feel his breath and that feeling of being in the arms of another man I loved ....To be continued ...

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Axl Green: Horney

Ok so over the last couple of week I have noticed that I have been allot more horny. I don't know why exactly but Iv been getting random boners for no reason. Feels like I'm 18 again with the sexual drive of a nimfo. Begun trying new things because I didn't used to like a dildo up my sweet virgin hole but I am starting to like it. I need someone to get me an a** stretcher so It's not so tight when I put it in. But then again I also fantasize about being tied up and f*cked both ways. Or even with a vibrator. Sometimes I want to be punished and made someone's b*tch but sometime I also want to take control and f*ck hard. So I guess that makes me a switch. On another note: iv never tried a penis pump but I'd rlly like to know what that feels like! =) It would be nice to have a tong in my ass while I have a penis pump on my d*ck.

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