Jungle Fuckers

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A compilation movie with 12 hot big dick young multiracial men performing in 6 steamy deep fuck drilling scenes filmed in jungle of Brazil from past movies made by Alexander Pictures!

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Julian Starr: Movie Scene

Hello every body, i am Julian and this time i want to tell in what movie i whould like to play and what i want to do in that movie, prepare youreselfs .So, i whould like my movie to be an action movie, with me in the first place, and my role whould be an lawman and to punish all kind of infracteur and to put them all in jail .I whould like to have a suit and a mask, that no body can recognize me, and it will be some thing like: in day: just a simple man. in night: an super hero. That will be the perfect movie for me. I like my suit to be very fit, so my muscles can see, collor should be a dark blue and to have alot of gadget's, how bat man has. I want to have a bow as a main weapon cuz i like to shot with bow and to know how to fight, and to move in silence like a ninja warrior.So that's all for today buddies, i will get you up tomorow with another awe some and intrigue story of my life. Kisses and hugs to every body

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Adrian Hunter: Day Start from Monday…

Does the word Monday scare you? Do you feel tired, just by hearing its name? Good news - you are not alone! Better news - with a different focus, Monday can quickly turn into your favorite day of the week! Here are three reasons why!1.Well before the workday starts on Monday morning, we have the perfect time to set our goals for the week. Setting goals will energize us and drive us to perform at high levels - even if we don't reach every goal. Instead of our focus being on the end of a weekend- by setting goals and creating a vision for the week, we are committing to a week full of accomplishments and contributions!Everybody else hates Monday. Everybody! When you show up to your workplace, energized, optimistic and in a 'MAKE IT HAPPEN' state of mind - you will surely gain the respect and admiration of everyone in your organization. Yes, your positivity might irritate some, and a couple will even be downright annoyed. But generally speaking, you will inspire your coworkers to step their game up, not just on Monday but every day. Once your Monday gets started, it's basically over! You are just coming off your weekend, back to work, back to a new week and a new day. If you allow it, Monday has the potential to move the fastest out of all the days in the week! But you don't want Monday to just move fast, you want it to mean something! Stop dreading it, embrace it, accept it, love it - and remember that you are 1 day closer to reaching whatever goal you just set.

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Mark Andre: Triceps Training

Hey my sexy friends!Four effective exercises for the triceps. 1.One-arm triceps press LyingA very good and optimal exercise for the triceps and building muscle at home is imLiegen the triceps. It is each arm individually trained in this exercise and trained to the limit effective from. With the other arm, the arm that is being trained to be perfectly fixed, so all the power can flow in the extension of the arm. This exercise for training your triceps is very good at the beginning of the triceps still have a sufficient force is available and this exercise the triceps really demanded everything.For the triceps at home you need merely facilitated a weight bench and a dumbbell and you´re ready to begin your upper arm to strengthen.2.Supported Triceps KickbackThe Kickback for effective triceps at home is running on the weight bench. This optimal exercise for the triceps is very tiring, so is very important that this exercise for the triceps is running very clean and perfect. The arm is up to during the triceps on the body and is stretched away perpendicular to the rear. By stretching and bend of the arm the triceps is effectively trained. The Kick Back for the triceps is particularly well suited as a final exercise in the workout to the triceps optimally stimulate and encourage these to build muscle.3. Triceps overhead pressFor an optimal triceps is particularly well suited the single-arm triceps press over your head. The arm is laterally stretched on head up and with the help of the other arm fixed something to use all the strength for stretching the arm and train the triceps effectively and perfectly. Important in this exercise for the triceps at home is that the back is always kept straight and no hollow back is created. For the triceps,this exercise is again very good for the triceps for maximum muscle growth to rain.4. Triceps bench dipsThe dip on the bench for the perfect triceps training is an absolute classic for the triceps training. With his back to the weight bench is drawn on them with both hands on the bench and lowered slowly. By pushing up the triceps during exercise is extremely tense and is therefore charged to excellent. In addition, if your own body weight is too little training you can with this exercise for the triceps a backpack with weight on the belly strap so as to enhance the intensity of the triceps training. Sometimes this is to bring the best exercise for the triceps at its limit. The exercise can be performed easily at home. All you need is a solid object, approximately at knee height to which you can safely lean with your hands! That was already the, in my eyes 4 best exercises for an effective triceps workout and workout at home!Mark Andre

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Mark Casper: Friend for Life!

Hey guys .... I hope you have a nice and horny time. I think everyone get up tomorrow at which it is to begin a new day very beautiful and I am very excited to see what me the day so bring me. I plan my days do not like many other people that, but try as much as possible to let come on me. so I'm always best down. when one begins to plan his day, it runs as well as mostly different than what you would like to have and you are just disappointed in the evening. I'm also learning always new people to know. I discover but also a lot of what I have previously nopch not met. important to me is always to get to know people and people that I know that I can then also a close contact to build and keep to it. because it is not always about sex, no also the interpersonal is very important to me. is to have friends just something great in my life and very important. I would be very happy if I would get to know one or two of my chat with flirt4free. but you also need to come into my chat and the courage mnehr have to make it. I am a very open man and do not have a shy or afraid of new hire. I mean in all life situations. it does not take much courage for me to get to know. important to me is openness and honesty. As well as what sexual things I am very open and curious. make the first step in my life and your new and I promise you that we have fun together will have. so my love rejoicing, I wish you / you a nice evening and who knows, maybe we'll meet tonight in my chat and I promise you, we will have a lot of fun together. your Mark Casper

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Allen Gold: My Perfect Boy

Hi, i'm Allen and i got alot of fantasies with alot of guys. I think everyone has fantasies to fuck in the kitchen, car, woods, on the floor, yeah i got that fantasies too and i'm proud that i have complited some of my fantasies.I like my partener to bee: tall, with some muscle{chest and abbs), with a little beard, brown hair and blue eyes like the sky and with a big ass and hard cock that i could make sex with him everywhere i want, when i want. So if you have this description come to me, i whould like to play with you. Now don't be worry cuz i will answear to every guy that want's to play with me and to see pe striping and all that staff, so don't be shy and come to Allen Parker, he will fuck you up good and you will like it.I like all kind of guys but my rule is to be shaved, i don't like hayri people and dirty, so don't come to me with that "defects" cuz i won't accept you.I like when my parteners are calling me baby, this is my favorite word, hope all of you can use it.So that's all for today guys, we will se tomorow, kisses.

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Michael Miles: Hey There !

Hey there my friend !!! How's your day going ?? I know it was a long long time that i was not online and i have to apologize for those of you who missed me that much , but i wanna insure you that i will be here very often for now on so i hape that everithing will be ok from now on between you and me !!!!!Since the weekend its comming very fast i hope you don t have in mind to leave me alone here online and not have the oportunity to talk and have some fun as well !!!!!I m in a really good mood right now and i can t wait to talk with you my friends . Hope your new year brings to you all everything that you wanted for this new year , a lot of bless and health couse its very important as well !!!!!I hope that you my friends all missed a little of me and wanna see me couse i really miss you all and can t wait to have some action together , spend some good nice quality time together , get to know each other really well in ower privat time together and be all open mind for new and interesting things to do and imagen together to them !!!!So don t forget my friends !!!! Im RIGHT HERE FOR YOU MY FRIENDS !!!! Do not hesitate to come and talk with me kisss yea allllllll and love you allllllll !!!!!!!

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Donny Cucumber: New Way of Income

I love people. I love money. Best two things that make the world run! But being in another country can make this seemingly simple love of life a bit more tricky and difficult. Therefore, I have stumbled upon the erotic world of online modeling! Whether you are looking for some private fun or just want to see me in all my glory, you have also stumbled upon a new adventure that only you and I will enjoy together ;)

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Alexandro M: My Favorito}

My Day Favorite is the day of week is Saturday By That I can share my sexual experiences with my partner's friend or sexual, also is descando or hir buying scam UNOS my Clients That very pornto want to share the lot of Them, my compatro day favor

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Lucas Reed: Hey

hey peeps how is everybody doing today I am going to bed in few but first before I do id just like to say thanks to everyone for your support and credits I really appreciate that and everything my fans do for me if it where not for you guys I would not be here and I think this blog should go to u guys and I just wanna say today has been an amazing day I have been busy getting things ready for my new house and its looking great that's why I have not been able to stay on here much but that all change after this week so get ready for me be on all day I will work my self to giving you the best performance I can give u guy and I enjoy doing it I give my best in everything I do and I will not stop at this I will do what I have to to make your experience the best you pay for. in that but I will gie it all and please give me a call on my cell phone please click on the flirt phone on my bio I always enjoy talking about anything you have on ur mind. so that all I have on my mind today day guys please send me an email or text me on chat if you have any special requests.

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