Lucas Bryant: Getting Settled

Well, I'm definitely enjoying my new found extracurricular activity (the activity being chatting/videoing with you fine people!) I've done three shows now as of today, and it's so much fun! It's really enjoyable to meet and connect with so many different people from all over the world and all backgrounds of life. It's even MORE fun to see who's dirty sides are inline with mine ;] I'll be expanding my profile over the course of the next few weeks, to include commercials and more VOD's that aren't from private shows. Only issue I'm currently having is figuring out why my commercial videos are lagging and audio/video is out of sync. It's driving me crazy!! Gotta love technology...doesn't work when you need it, and does when you don't. If you've come onto any of my shows or channel and liked what you've seen, please don't forget to add me to your favorites so you know when I'm online, and write me a review! I appreciate it and all of you! Also, if you have any ideas for things I can do to spice it up, or things you want to see, please don't hesitate to send me a message! I'm always open to and encourage suggestions! Until next time, all the love, stay sexy!-Lucas

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Robert Smiley: Thanks!

Hey guys. This is my first blog write and i want to thank all our dear customers and friends who have enjoyed together with me in my beautiful show. I also want to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the of individual customers who have awakened in me wonderful feelings and faith in that there are still good people on this planet who know what they want and the price of true value.Thank you all once more from the heart,Robert

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Boy Bryan: Give It to Them, I'll Give It to You.

I wanted to thank every single friend I have for being so awesome. I really really need people my life like you.In 2015, many things in my life have changed; my mind, my heart and my body. I change these parts of myself, because I can finally say that I love myself more than I ever have.I know that I could never have done it without the help and support of all of friends.I also know that those of you who really, really love me, would carry on with that acceptance, and love me regardless of some of my bad moments. I have them. We all do. We can learn from them, or fail to, and experiences the cyclical nature of learning.It's been a rough year for me to figure out what I need, or want (two very different things) and I have decided that I want you to do something for yourself.So for me, do something to make yourself feel better about your life. Work on the sides of you that need to be nourished with attention. If you don't nurture every side of yourself you like, that side of you will eventually die. Don't do that to yourself. Don't lose your identity. Don't lose yourself.I think that the more that you can improve yourself, the stronger you become, and the more your have to offer your friends, family, and community, the stronger all of those things become as well.Give back to the world, even when it hurts you. You are worth it, and so is everyone else. This is why I am doing AIDS Lifecycle again this year. This is why I improved my body. This is why I write.It is my goal to lift anyone and everyone up. Helping my community has become my life. I want to help as much as I can. If I can't write about it, photograph it, or brighten it up, I'm not doing my job.So try and inspire change. That's the best present you could ever give anyone.

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Brock Jacobs: Fan Club Special!

It's time I finally launch this Fan Club. To kick it off with a blast.I'm running a special all day on Saturday 6-27. Anyone who tips ANY amount of credits will get a 30 day Fan Club membership. Yes any credit tip. Currently I do not have any videos on my fan club. So on top of that the two top tippers of the day on Saturday will each get to help create and choose the content of a video for the fan club.I will also being holding a raffle as well. Every tip of 50+ credits will get you an entry. 4 winners will be drawn and they will each get to choose the content for a fan club video. I will do the drawing and post the results via a video on the fan club Sunday afternoon.Lastly. A contest is being ran on Saturday. The top 5 guys will win $500. If I place in the top 5 I will do a special fan club members only show on Sunday at 8pm to show my thanks for your support.So make sure not to miss the fun on Saturday 6-27. It is going to be an exciting day. Look forward to seeing you all!

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Anthony Hall: Me

my name is Anthony hall , I love cumin for people I to show ppl me jerking off I love when they watch it makes me so hard that I feels like a rock I love giving ppl what they ask for whatever it is. sometimes its to extreme but ill make it happen for a good big tip (;

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Foot Fuckers

Foot Fuckers continues taking the foot fetish of Lucas Raunch to the next toe-worshipping level! Watch over 20 raunchy guys sniff, lick, suck, jerk, and fuck with feet! The foot action collected here features Michael Lucas, Sean Xavier, Jed Athens, Hot Rod, Fabio Stallone, Draven Torres, Seth Roberts, Leo Mullins, Seamus OReilly, Dirk Wakefield, Seth Treston, and several more guys ready to star as the best Foot Fuckers in the industry!

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Foot Fuckers continues taking the foot fetish of Lucas Raunch to the next toe-worshipping level!

Stars: Sean Xavier Jed Athens Franco Ferarri Ramon Rinaldi Drew Cutler Christopher Daniels Justin Cruise Seamus O'Reilly Shay (Lucas E) Dirk Wakefield Leo Mullins Nova Rubio Seth Santoro Seth Roberts Jake Lyons Scott Alexander Antonio Biaggi Drew Sumrok Dominic Pacifico Michael Lucas Hot Rod Jordan Jax Draven Torres Fabio Stallone Drake Jaden Angel Rivera Ridge Michaels Jeremy Stevens

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Kyle C: My Recent Sexual Lures ;)

Recently I have found myself craving or thinking a lot about taboo things. Not that I have had personal fantasies about my own father but I think father/son role play is hot as hell.I have also started to absolutely LOVE ball-skin. I cannot get enough of it.I would type more but unfortunately they filter what we are allowed to say :(

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Maik D: My Cinsit

The skin keeps the marks of pleasure. My lips, even without lipstick, remained red, and your liquid whitish adorned my smile.-¿Te Hurts, bitch? I know I take it anymore.And at the end of every sentence, you gave me spanking, you jalabas my hair, I escupías face. Delicious.No, your buttocks lack color.He knew what was coming. Spent the end of the belt around my buttocks, pointing right at you. The floor ice came across my right cheek where my face rests.1. The body feels pain, but I like it.2. This was faster, and the strength increased.3.Metí hands, and I cried with emotion.4.The last with arms attached, in case she committed the infamy of repeating the above.While stopping the ass, and with his eyes closed, licking my lips. Your cock craved.You separated my legs. Came back to take the tip of the belt, which made contact with the humidity caused by the beating.-What bitch, you love this game.I blushed, and noticing, slowly bit her left thigh. Drowned your longest finger in my keystrokes. One, two, three groans were enough to have your tongue in my smaller site. The spat. Did not you just using my secretions as a lubricant, and you kept licking. My nakedness ... I made you tremble hands were sweating, flush your skin.He reached your cock throbbing despair when both endure. I figured that first try, he would return to my mouth as it does every Wednesday. Not this time. You incorporate my body without reclinaste biggest problem against the desk. My hair covered her breasts that they threw at each thrust. Your fingers, wet saliva and female fluids, preparing my pleasure elsewhere. Ready. I felt liquid slid down his legs. The tip of your dick place opened between my buttocks. Yes, yes, yes, you were about; Ready ?, asked, as mocking, it was or not, just going to pick me up the ass.I could only feel pleasure. The pain and insults you put the hard cock. To fuck me from behind me were getting into fingers between his lips, apretabas my pink button and swallow me doing that each droplet. Libertaste my arms to turn around. I opened my legs to get ahead, so you could see how jump breasts and nipples harden.I came with your fingers inside me, wrapped salted transparencies.Your cock, with two different flavors, was discharged into my open mouth.The skin bore the marks of pleasure. My lips, even without lipstick, remained red, and your liquid whitish adorned my smile.

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Ryan Walters: First Update

Hello Guys It's been a great few days here in Australia :) beautiful weather and awesome sunrises. Head on over and follow me on my twitter page @ryanwalters691 I've uploaded some new scenic pictures from around this beautiful place I call home. I will upload some More Pictures after my new hiking adventure today.So I've got a few questions for you amazing people :-) 1. What you like to see more of in my chat room? 2. What toys would like to see me with? 3. Do you prefer to see me in sexy trunks or a skimpy thong? 4. If you had an opportunity to have a date with me. Where and what would you do to me :-pThat will give my superstar followers some things to think aboutabout. I love hearing from you guys so fill my inbox :-P Also make sure you do head over to twitter and follow me @ryanwalters691 to keep up to date with what's happening with me :p Again I love hearing from my amazing followers, so fill my inbox up there to :p I will make sure I update my blog weekly aswell.Can't wait to see you all in my chat room again, make sure you swing by and say hello.Until next time see you fabulous people later.Love you all Ryan Walters

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Chris Bolt: Deep in Thought

Have you ever just had a moment where you are stuck in life, well just take a deepBreath and look at what's in front of you, the first thing to do if you are stuck is recognizing if there is a problem and then just figure out a way to fix it, Other than that just do what makes you happy and keep on with your daily routine

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