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Red Randy: Great to Be Back!

Hello guys, grrls, sweet thangs, and all you other cats on the web! Thanks for checking out my blog. Regretfully, I admit it's a little empty. Actually, as you can probably see, this is my first post! I've been in SUCH A FUNK the last week. But, despite the onset of autumn, I feel the sun is rising and I'm ready to shine! Also my monstrously insatiable sex-drive is returning as well. That's right, my cock gets hard just thinking about going online. Hell, maybe I should just be a hooker! /:P JKI'm planning on coming online much more frequently So be sure to swing by. Lately I've been in love with my new dildo, which is rather large and has a nice suction cup for some hot wall fucking! Ha. I can get off so easily with that thing, it's dangerous. I love for people to watch too. Sometimes when it's really slow and I have to go to bed I just give it up and hope I get tips! Ha, I'm just a raging harlot sometimes, it's true. It's so good to be able to feel that way again though! From now on, I'm staying active and positive. No more doing absolutely nothing. More showing off my bod, feeling proud, and feeling good! I'm in it to indulge! :D NOM NOM NOM xoxox

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Don Diesel: Sex Should Be Messy .

so this morning after one hot sweaty sexy session of mine.. i relized holy shit, i need a shower, covered in sweat and cum... then i thought back to all the times i fucked, and just put my clothes on and went back to my day... a quickie ok, maybe, its called a quicky for a reason. but if your planning on fucking someone... fuck em good, give em your best, go as hard as you can, deep as you can, trust me you will work up a sweat and in a short sexy second you'll be two greasesd up people sliding in and out of each other ;) so new goal unless this is a quicky, I'm going all out. till a shower is in need. who's ready to watch?! lol

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Xavier Bullet: Just Watched a Movie!

Hey everyone,So I just watched the movie Non Stop with Liam Neeson. It was an alright movie, kind of suspenseful. You're never really sure what is going to happen and it leaves you guessing tell then end. The movie overall was kind of slow, but had some good parts in it. I really like Liam Neeson as an actor.I had funny thought today which I am sure most people have had. If I had a super power what would it be and why would I want that super power? When I first though of it I ran through a lot of of ideas what would be amazing. One I kept always coming back to was teleportation! How would that not be the most amazing gift. You could literally roll out of bed 20 minutes before work, shower, eat, and BLAM you're at work. No worries of traffic, or ever being late. It would be a flawless power.Beyond just making it to work you could literally go anywhere! So in my mind I played out a couple of scenarios. Would it be like think it and you just arrive? Would it be similar to the movie Jumper where there are limits. You need an actual picture to go to? Would it be like Nightcrawler from X-Men? The possibilities are limitless with the ability to teleport. Another one that I really liked the idea of is flying! There is defaintly some things that could go wrong with flying! Not to mention the birds and bugs in the air as you fly! You'd have to have a schnazzy pair of sunglasses or goggles! hahaWell that is it for now. Have a wonderful day!-X

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Lee Cass: 20 Facts About Lee!

Hey guys just trying to help you get to know me more. Here are 20 facts about me. there is so much more to me but I wil share more at a later time.Fact1: Born and raised in CincinnatiFact2: One of three boys in my family.Fact3: My favorite color is green.Fact4: Grew up in musical theatre. I've been in over 32 productions.Fact5: my favorite drink is whipped vodka, cran, and a splash of sour.Fact6: Obsessed with Whitney HoustonFact7: I'm still scared of the darkFact8: pb&j is my weakness.Fact9: I've only been in 3 relationshipsFact10: I love storms. it's soooo soothingFact11: I can cook very well!Fact12: I want to get married.... to a boyFact13: I cry a lotFact14: i've never let the usaFact15: I have 2 small dogs and a black cat.Fact16: i get off about 4 times a dayFact17: I love everything to do with gay sex. EVERYTHINGFact 18: I want to be a TOm Ford ModelFact19: Fall is my favorite season.Fact20: I hate the fact that my heart can be broken ):There is just a little info about me! im always up to share more with you. if you want to know anything. just ask. I'm not shy at all. I love to chat with you guys. You make my day better so thank you all for that. It means a lot. I look forward to many more shows with you all. enjoy friends (:

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Zack Randall: Anti-differentiation

So, the first day of class was a little more intense than I am used to (as far as the first day of class usually goes). I'm accustomed to meeting students, perhaps going through roll call, reviewing the syllabus, and asking questions regarding homework/testing/grading formats. Yesterday, we just dove right into complex integral calculus, covering substitution. I guess it was a review for most people (me too, but the last time I had practice with integral calculus was 9 or 10 years ago), but today we went a step further to integration by parts. I have a feeling this weekend is going to be very nostalgic--filled with late-night studying, practicing, and memorizing formulae I've not found a use for in the last decade. Fun stuff :-) The only thing missing this time is a dorm full of cute guys! Oh well... can't have it all all the time. So, any math professors or overachievers out there who have some calculus hints? I need some stuff to jog my memory--a lot has happened in between now and the last time I learned this stuff. I'm sure the more I look at the material the faster it will come back, but hey, like any college student, I like shortcuts. Maybe we'll throw a kegger after the first exam ;-)Until next time,Zack

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Nick Pierce: First Day, So Much Fun!

Wow, such an awesome first time!I had such a great first day with everyone! You all are amazing! All the compliments I received just put me over the top and made going on cam for you guys the best. You guys rock! :)I was hoping to stay on longer for my first show, but I did have a lot of fun for the bit of time I was on. Plus I can't go skipping my workouts now can I. I Need to stay in good shape and keep my body looking sexy for you guys.Which speaking of working out, I think it would be totally hot to have my fans watch that sometime, but of course that's just my opinion. If you think so too, you should definitely let me know. Though to be fair, a few of you got me pretty hot and sweaty without even touching some weights ;)Even writing this I'm still feeling amazing and absolutely can't wait to do my next show. I promise to get a regular schedule up and posted as soon as possible. So all my fans will know when I'm on. In the mean time, don't forget to follow me on twitter @Nick_PierceF4FI'll always make sure to let my fans know via twitter if things change or if I'm doing non-scheduled shows.Which speaking of non-scheduled. I'm totally feeling up for another show already. So I might just log in for another great show midnight tonight PST. Unless my workout totally makes me crash when I get home, which is a distinct possibility haha.

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Antony Ross: Ready Forr This

Jimmy Manley wandered through the dusty aisles of Murphy Mart, a small department store at the Metro Mall. He strolled the aisles of the store's small electronics section, brushing his fingers over the boxes of video games. To a casual observer, he would appear consumed in making a selection, but this was a ruse. In fact, he was carefully scanning the store, looking for employees, trying to gauge his odds of getting away with a small theft. Jimmy liked to test himself in Murphy Mart: a small lackluster department store even in its better days, the staff here were mostly bored. He'd been caught stealing here a few times before, and the clerks had resorted to mild curses and an invitation to leave the store. One of those times, a heavy-set woman wearing a worn, harried look and a straining Murphy Mart polo shirt, had caught him stuffing a hardcover book down the front of his pants. She'd smacked him in the head with the back of her hand."You," she'd said. "Fuck off." In her thick Russian accent, it had come out: Joo. Fack off.He'd tossed the book back onto the shelf and then run from the store, only to find himself on the other side of the mall, his heart racing, unable to stop laughing. Fack off, indeed.Jimmy couldn't afford to get into any more trouble: the recruiter had told him to keep his nose clean, enjoy his birthday celebration and then graduate high school. Jimmy had just turned eighteen. In a few more weeks, he'd graduate high school. And then it was good-bye Carnal, hello Recruit Training Center Great Lakes--the U.S. Naval boot camp. He'd already signed the papers.

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Matt Wood: My Favorite Sex Toy

I have a few toys that I like so far. I have a large one that I enjoy pounding myself with will you guys watch . I have a gspot massager and that is great I really like the feeling of stimulating myself with that one it's not real big but it is powerful. I think tge toy I like best so far is the one I molded myself. It is a copy of my own member. It feels so real I like to suck it get good practice for when I see u . I have been looking in to the new sex Machine that loons like it could become my favorite sex toy. Letting you guys control how hard and fast u give it to me I'm looking forward to the pvt shows I will do once I but one for myself. I hope you guys will check it out this new Machine lets you be more in controls it is the new best thing in cyber play I want to try anal beeds they look like they could be fun. I like bit toys so if u have a recommendation let me know I'll see what I can do I also like the shocker u have it is a wonderful pain it's gives you. I can't wait to find new toys to pay with.

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Austin Heart: ~on the Mountain Top Xxx~

So one of my best friends and I(fill in gender for your fantasy)were taking a trip to Colorado this year to indulge in the sexy city of Denver making a few stops along the way! We were on our 3rd day traveling, having fun and flirting with each other and pretty much every good looking person we saw along the way! So we decide to stop in Nashville,Tn for the night but before we get there we find this amazing overlook going through the mountains of Tennessee and we stop! We looked at the view and then saw this little path off to the side! We come to find out its not so little and leads ALL the ay to the top of this mountain!! Being Mister Adrenaline I say we are going! Such a good choice... we get to the top, sweating, out of breath and laughing that we actually did that! As we fall down to rest on the huge boulders we notice we can probably see all of Tennessee... it was so beautiful, so sexy with our hot, hard and sweaty bodies just sprawled out on these rocks on top of the world!! What would you do??? I know what we did!! FUCKED. And fucked for an hour on the top of this mountain looking at the world. Just waiting for the next group of people to come up the path and catch me dick hard and knee deep in my lover!! Imagine the ADRENILINE then! Tops my sex list... and I've ALWAYS been an adventurous SEX addict but damn it was AMAZING! So in closing my suggestion to you is either TAKE ME on a trip or find another sexy friend; take a trip; stop by a mountain; go to the top and FUCK!! IT WILL BLOW YOU MIND *MWAH*

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