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These boys are dirty little tramps, so it`s time to take them out...or take them all in!

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These boys are dirty little tramps, so it`s time to take them out...or take them all in!

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Jordan Dean: Shopping Spree Dream

I just woke up from an intense, realistic dream where I was handed a credit card with no limit from the most attractive silver fox daddy. I'm not a vain asshole where I expect things out of anyone in any sort of relationship but it was a nice change of scenery I'm usually used to...where I end up dating the poorest, saddest low life in the city. I loved the dream because not only was the stranger attractive and sexy, he was genuine and sincere. I love men that can hold themselves up high and have respect for not just themself but for whoever they may be seeing. I think this dream was another indication why I may be on f4f as well, I love to not just be happy but see others enjoying themselves and getting something out of this experience! I plan on devoting as much time as I possibly can and fulfilling dreams for not just myself but for you! I especially loved the part where we made love inside the Barney's store where we shopping, they closed the store just for us and my daddy fucked me thoroughly and completely! I wish this more than anything to happen in real life, so let me know if this is a fantasy of yours or dream of this happening in our next private chats! I'll see you all soon, sorry if I missed any of you tonight, I'll make it up to everyone really soon!

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Trevor Romero: A Life Changing Decision

Well everyone, I have made the decision that I want to try and move to Germany permanently in a few years. Keep in mind, I said a few YEARS, not weeks or months. I learned to speak a little better while I was there, but I never really became genuinely fluent in the language. So first off, that needs to be taken care of, and then I can work on going to live there. I'm sure that one of the seemingly endless amount of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would be willing to help with that. For now though, I think its time I start working on becoming much more fluent in German, and might even start making it my primary language. Of course I would still speak english when I am online, but I have plenty of family I can practice with, and I'm sure there are a few people in Deutschland who would like to have a conversation that isn't translated with software or in a different language. But this is a decision that is going to take a while to accomplish.But while I am still here in the states, I plan to have a much fun and make as many fun memories, and hopefully a lot more movies, so that way I can take something with me. Maybe I will even leave something worth while behind when I go. Of course I will come back and visit when I can. I would hate to just abandon my family and never see any of them again. I still have time to leave a few noteworthy stories behind in the US, which is something I aim to do. Of course, there is always the chance, knowing me, that I might get carried away and may have to stay away a while before I am allowed back!

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Max Heart: It's All About U!

Ever feel like your not enough. I'm here to say fuck all that and come party in my private show. I'm ready to turn the heat up. There's no where I'd rather be then here for you . Let me ease your mind and give you something to smile about.

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Peter Jay: Internet

well my computer broke this time so ive decided to just go out and have real sex adventure's went to a few bars last weekend, met a few cool chicks who wanted to go have alittle fun, so we ended up at some apartment when to my amazement it looked like a sex toy shop inside, we entered and there were literally dildo's and strap-on's on the walls, it was a interesting sight to see, when we started banging me and the taller one ended up dp'n the other and she loved it, this chick loved anal it drove her crazy, then the other.......she was more playful then the shorter one, the taller one wanted to have foreplay and tease alot, well ill never complain when that happens, then they decided to pull the toys out on me.....needless to say the night went on and on and it was a blast, so a big shoutout to you 2 lovely ladies, call me back anytime but in the meantime ill be right here playing out our fun we had with all these lovely folks, so any questions that arise about that night please ask and i would love to relive them for you all:)

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Stephon Stallion: Wanna Play?

ey Guys!!!!If you aren't doing anything this evening stop in my room for a little chatting and some fun :) i hope to see you all!follow me now on my new twitter account @StephonStallon and I'll follow you back!I am just about to get online in 10 minutes.I LIKE: cumshots, roleplaying, phone in pvt, and just about anything else you can think of!If you havent already checked out the new fan clubs! please do they are really neat and have many benefits such as 5% off vods and pvt shows with the model youve joined the club with.nnmy personel page there will be tons of exclusive member only photos and hot hot videos, and one special cumshow so dont delay and sign up today !www.StephonStallion.comalso do not forget the wishlist and check out the hot items i have up that we could have some fun with!I am here to offer you anything that you are into, if it isn't listed in my likes, be sure to tell me and we can make it happen for you the way you want it!!!!!As always email me anytime you please to just chat or setup a personel 1-1 session of your choice, I am free most of the time and can accomadate just about anything!Thanks guys! & Hope to see you soon.Stephon xoxoxo

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Brent Duke: Nice Day

today has been probly one the best days on record for irish weather, sum was smiling all day long, and not a drop of rain, the sweat pouring outa me all day long, and duke enjoying the play time in the green, running around playing catch with him till he near collapses ha ha no joke he got so bad he could barley catch hes breath, and he still wanted moreplay time after being so knackered from the run around and then a nice 6 mile walk for him, well not six miles to the point of return ha ha but 3 mile walk to my mams house and then another 3 miles back we just got home from my mams, which now is 11pm irish time, so hopefuly he will be tired enough to let me come online and do some shows for you guys, and i do mean i hope to get in a few shows, :) i do enjoy doing them so p[lease make me happy,, so until then when i log online i will be taking a nice cold shower and then a shave cause i sure do need one, and then bite to eat then will be online in the next hour, love huggs and kissesbrent dukeireland

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Mick Trail: ◾if You Won the Lottery, How Would You Spend It?

I always believed that family comes first, so I definitely would make sure that my family was taken care of. First I would make sure that my immediate family was caught up on all of their debts like car payments, school loans, house mortgage, and any credit cards. I would then plan a trip of a lifetime for the entire family that we could all do together other than meeting at the occasional family wedding or funeral. I would invest the rest into starting my own company.

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Caleb P: Short Term Goals

I often get asked, what's my job. Obviously this is a job of mine here, getting on cam making you guys happy. But apparently the general consensus is that I should also have a "real" job. I can't say that I don't very much agree with that sentiment. So, here are some short term goals I have for finding a "real" job and getting my life together. As of right now, I am searching fairly constantly for interviews all around town, mainly in the field of bartending as I took a class concerning the discipline. I also think that being the person that provides people with their alcohol is kind of cool. Aside from that I have also been looking for jobs at which I can utilize my degree. As of right now, I have had about 3 or 4 interviews all summer. Only 1 related to a bartending position, 1 about teaching Spanish, 1 set for next thursday...So I guess that is actually 3. At any rate, none of the applications I have filled out so far have received a response from any of the potential employers. OH! I had two interviews with regard to bartending, I guess that is 4 after all :P My next post will talk about why I want to get out of Georgia.

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Deva Peters: Introducing…deva Peters!

Hello everyone is alone and horny! (or maybe not alone.. ;) Anyway, I'm Deva Peters (not my real name, obviously). I'm 22 years old and live in a town about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee.I just thought I would take some time to write up a quick bio to sort give everyone a little background about me. For starters, I'm mainly a stay-at-home and lounge around kind of guy. When I'm not at college or work, I'm at home on my computer doing anything and everything you can think of. Specifically, I like to dive into the hardcore technological hobbies such as music production, photo/video editing, gaming, chatting with all of you on a webcam, etc. The list is very long.But when I'm not at home on the computer, I typically go camping with my family on occasional weekends at a campground within Land Between the Lakes (would actually be a great location to meet up for a booty call - *hint, hint*). Now why did I choose to become involved in this webcam modeling business? Working in a department store may be a great day job for a college student, but what you get in return leaves a lot to be desired. I recently got myself into a self-destructive financial slump that I desperately need to come back from. So with high determination, I turned to an industry that supposedly brings in a lot of money for models. So far, about a week into it, I've barely made squat. But hopefully, it will pick up for me. I will need your help! LolAnyway, thanks for reading, and hope you learned something. Now come watch me perform! :)

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